Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Westlock Terminals has modified operations and admin processing to help flatten the curve.  Our office is currently closed to the public, all inbound and outbound truck drivers are being asked to stay in their vehicles. Further questions about these changes please call 780-349-7034.

Farm Call Program
If you would like a farm call or if you have samples that could be picked up please contact
Kirk in the office @ 780-349-7034

Westlock Terminals is CFIA accredited

WTL Trucking


We now offer a Trucking program and would be happy to pick up your grain in the yard!  


Name Exchg Last Chg Time
CANOLA (@RS1H) ICEFC 684.7 - 3.8 1:54P
CANOLA (@RS1K) ICEFC 666.0 - 2.8 1:54P
CANOLA (@RS1N) ICEFC 648.7 - 2.7 1:54P
CANOLA (@RS1X) ICEFC 550.3 - 2.9 1:54P
CANOLA (@RS2F) ICEFC 550.0 - 4.4 1:54P
CANOLA (@RS2H) ICEFC 554.6 - 4.4 1:54P
CANADIAN DOLLAR (@CD1F) CME 0.783650 -0.002100 11:41A
CANADIAN DOLLAR (@CD1G) CME 0.783450 -0.002350 11:43A
CANADIAN DOLLAR (@CD1H) CME 0.783850 -0.002000 11:59A
EUREX SWISS GOV BOND CONF (CO1H) EUREX 169.3400 - 0.2300 10:06A
EUREX SWISS GOV BOND CONF (CO1M) EUREX 166.5100 - 0.2300 10:06A
EUREX SWISS GOV BOND CONF (CO1U) EUREX 170.9400 - 0.2300 10:06A

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